Welcome to the home of The Good Witches of the North

For many years, as confidence coaches, we have had the pleasure to work with women from all walks of life, at all stages of life and on every topic you can think of, be it confidence,self-esteem, relationships, career, self-image, love or life. Wherever a woman is on her journey we meet them with one aim - to help each of them realise their brilliance and their magic!

Our work is based on the psychology of performance and the psychology of identity. Its unique blend has meant that the speed of its impact has felt so powerful and ‘like magic' to the people we have worked with, it has led us to embrace the nickname they have often given us - The Good Witches of the North.

And the nickname is important to us because we, like Glinda, also believe that “You had the power all along”. Our mission is to help every woman step into her power and totally believe in herself!

Our philosophy is that magic happens when you connect intention with belief and fuel it with action. That is what you will find in all of our empowerment sessions, along with some good old-fashioned tough love and tea!

As featured in the Daily Express Happy Mondays by Carole Ann Rice.

"This is personal development at its five star finest. If you do nothing else once a year do this."

Grab Your Wand is a sparkling and fun-filled, interactive and energised day for 24 people who are looking for happiness, confidence and positive power. This day is dynamic, upbeat and truly transformative, and will help you understand how you see the world, embrace your own unique qualities so you can achieve the impact and success you’re looking for and start creating the life you want.

So us Good Witches of the North really feel that without our fellow 21st Century Witches around the world we wouldn’t be as inspired as we are to empower ourselves so that we can effectively empower others.

Each week, therefore, we will be awarding inspirational women our Honourary Good Witch Award.

A 21st Century Witch knows herself and accepts herself for everything she is, empowers herself to be able to empower others, says it as it is and truly walks her walk.

And to kick off week one, we are announcing FIVE of these amazing women who we feel really fit our definition of a 21st Century Witch. So, in no particular order we give you...


People have loved it so much that we have been asked to write a book, we couldn’t be happier as this now means that lots of people will get the chance to try out our magic and spells for themselves. So we are busy squirrelled away in our enchanted cottage, writing busily and excitedly putting all of our spells and years of expertise and magic into one place, so you have a spell book to treasure and transform. To be the first to know when it's ready to fly from our cottage and arrive through your letterbox sign up now.

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